Black Angus


We began our base herd with a selection  of Clark angus bulls and heifers. Our angus breeding program now includes over 150 cows in production. We believe seedstock must be fertile, docile, sustainable with an emphasis on high reproduction rates. 

Herd management ensures we keep and maintain only proven producers of high quality offspring. Replacement females are available.

Please contact Scott Williams (903) 638-3804 for information regarding the current availibility of stock and how our cattle can enhance your herd 

Black Angus


 Each bull is chosen specifically to match with a breeding group to enhance herd genetics. We develop a selection of low birth weight to high performance bulls available to meet your production goals.  

Genomic/parentage testing is performed at weaning and fertility/breed soundness testing begins at 15 months. We typically have 75 to 100 bulls available annually. Pricing dependent on age, genetics and overall features.


Black Angus

Our primary focus is to produce registered Black Angus that are genetically sound, display docile temperament, low birth weight progeny and proven performance. We have worked diligently to build a superior base herd through our selective breeding and AI program coupled with sound nutritional practices.