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Bulls and Heifers

We maintain a small herd of Belted Galloway cattle and while the lean quality of the beef has increased the popularity of the Belted Galloway among beef producers, it's the unique appearance and gentle disposition that make these beautiful animals a welcome addition to hobby farms, cattle enthusiaists and breeders. 

Due to the limited overall genetic pool of the Belted Galloways, our AI breeding program concentrates on strengthening and broadening  herd genetics. Our clean-up bull is currently Bluebird Zeus, the 2012 National Belted Galloway Champion for his class. He is the offspring of Bluebird's Excaliber, the 2012 Texas Belted Galloway Champion. 

In order to maintain our small herd size, we offer a limited number of red, black and occasional Dunn Beltie bulls and heifers for sale each year. Occasionally mature cows and bulls are available.


Belted Galloways

Our Belted Galloway breeding program concentrates on broadening and strengthening herd genetics.