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Our mission is simple - to raise quality Angus and Commercial cattle that we and our customers can be proud of and know they will add value to any ranch herd.

Experience, Dedication and Commitment make the difference.

Our team is highly skilled with many years of relevant experience.  Scott Williams is our ranch manager with a long history of both ranching and practical cattle experience. His operations and administrative team ensure the ranch is both professionally managed and well cared for. We pride ourselves on our breeding program which includes industry leading AI sires and careful selection of sound, hard working clean-up bulls.   Our nutritional program consists of collaboration and consultation with leading industry experts.  We are careful stewards of the land and it's resources, practicing solid land and water conservation strategies.

our Team / Our Philosophy

Long-term business commitmenT

We view our customers as long-term business partners. Whether you are in the market for registered Angus, commercial stock or hay we are committed to providing you with quality production and product.

Our Mission